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NZ Honey - Frequently asked questions

Find out the most common questions when it comes to honey for sale NZ wide.

Does honey go bad or expire?
Natural raw honey preserved well under sealed and dry conditions will not expire. In fact, archeologists found raw honey thousands of years old in ancient Egyptian tombs, and it was still edible!

I doubt our delicious NZ honey will be in your cupboard for more than a month! However, our honey NZ organically harvested does not expire. This has to do with the natural sugar content and low PH level. The honey for sale must be raw organic honey NZ made and properly sealed. The lack of water under dry and sealed conditions is key. These factors in combination with the bees’ honey-making process, mean that organisms that spoil food don’t survive.

As we have established, natural raw honey New Zealand made will not expire when properly preserved. However, it is very normal for raw honey to crystalise over time. This has to do with changes in room temperature where it is kept under. In fact, the process of crystalisation proves that your honey is as pure as possible and unpasteurised. If you don’t enjoy the crystal texture, simply rest your honey in a bowl of warm water. This doesn’t have any effect on the taste or smell of your NZ honey. It turns your raw honey back into a runny liquid state preferred by many.

This is the magic of the best honey in New Zealand. It can be preserved in a completely edible form as if it were a day old. If you buy honey from the supermarket, it has likely been heated under extreme conditions and processed. This is why it also comes with an expiration date as it has been rid of almost all-natural preservatives. On the other hand, honey for sale NZ wide from Lili’s Honey beekeepers comes directly from the hive.
How much honey can I eat a day?
Honey is extremely versatile and delicious. It is a natural sweetener and like any food, excessive intake has its consequences. Therefore, this means that you cannot consume raw honey without limits.

Our general guide is no more than 5 teaspoons of Lili’s Honey NZ.

Of course, it varies on overall diet and lifestyle. If your overall daily intake of sugar is low from other foods, then you will be able to consume more than someone with a high sugar intake. One thing is for certain, that NZ honey is the perfect replacement for empty-calorie table sugar. Essentially, it’s not how much honey you can eat daily, but how much refined and processed sugar you can replace. Buy raw honey NZ made next time you’re running low on processed sugar. The best honey in New Zealand, raw and unfiltered, is rich in probiotics and antioxidants that aren’t in sugar.

Your level of exercise is also a factor of consideration. An active person can burn calories quicker and requires more energy to maintain high activity levels. You can buy honey online from our website as a healthy alternative to your sugar cravings and energy needs. The metabolism of each individual and medical history are also factors to consider.

There is no danger in eating honey for sale NZ wide. In fact, it comes with many health and nutritional benefits. Like anything, excessive NZ honey consumption is not recommended.

Daily consumption of honey New Zealand made in moderation is encouraged. However, if you suffer from any health issues, consult your doctor before making raw honey a part of your diet.

Buy honey online and have it delivered to your home in just a few clicks!
What are the benefits of eating NZ honey?
Most benefits associated with honey in NZ refer to raw honey direct from the hive. That is what we offer from our honey NZ online shop. Most honey in supermarkets is pasturised. This process gets rid of many of the beneficial nutrients.

1. Firstly, the best honey in New Zealand is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants have links to reduced risk of cancers, heart attacks, and strokes. Studies have shown a modest reduction in blood pressure from consuming raw honey.

2. Several studies have shown that honey may improve cholesterol levels. Cholesterol levels are linked with weight loss and reducing the risk of heart disease.

3. Unlike processed sugar, bush honey NZ made for example contains some nutrients. Mostly, natural sweeteners and a small trace of vitamins and minerals.

4. Immune-boosting compounds are part of organic honey. Phytonutrients are an antioxidant found in plants which get passed into honey.

5. Raw honey New Zealand made is a potent prebiotic which nourishes good bacteria crucial for digestion.

Ultimately, honey in NZ has many benefits. Not only is it delicious, but it meets expectations from research that studies the health benefits of consumption. The ones mentioned are only a few when it comes to eating NZ honey.

Do not take this information as medical advice. However, NZ honey is often mentioned as part of a healthy lifestyle and it tastes delicious too!

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